121 E 22nd

New York, New York
Executive Architect
Residential Condominium
Completed 2018
225,000 sq. ft., 13-18 Stories, 134 Units

In collaboration with the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), SLCE led the team in executing the OMA design while providing interesting residential layouts, without compromising the façade design.

Utilizing the through-block site, SLCE and OMA created two towers connected by a breezeway at the cellar and first floors. The North Tower is 18 stories and consists of 109 luxury residential condominiums, while the South Tower with a smaller footprint contains 25 luxury units and stands 13 stories tall.

Approximately 12,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor fronts both Lexington Avenue and East 23rd Street; the 213,000 square feet of residential condominiums is situated on the more residential 22nd Street. Residents enjoy an automated parking system that allows them to access their vehicles using a card key or fob. Each of the 24 cars is neatly stacked away on the same “tray” that the resident leaves the car when entering the parking area.

Designed as a standard flat-plate, cast-in-place concrete slab, with transfer slabs on the third and ninth floors, this structure allowed for flexibility of unit layouts while providing a substantial frame for the precast wall system. Introducing a design of one-inch “pleats” in the precast wall, the windows are set deeper at the ends and gradually move out toward the corner, increasing in size. This terminates as a folded façade on the building’s corner, and adds desirability to the corner units.

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