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Who’s designing NYC’s skyline?

Source: The Real Deal

The Real Deal published an article detailing the permit applications filed with the city’s Department of Buildings and ranked the most prolific architecture shops in the city in the five boroughs between Jan. 1, 2012, and Jan. 31, 2018.

SLCE ranked top with 20.69 million square feet across 87 New York City projects. SLCE Partner, James Davidson commented that “while the majority of the firm’s work is as design architect, having separate design and executive architects on a project has become increasingly common.”

The article further explains that “developers have, indeed, more frequently been tapping international design star power to buoy sales. But they often bring in a second architecture shop that’s more familiar with the city’s zoning and construction codes.”

“I have seen many situations where a design architect from abroad has tested the bounds of buildability and has wound up losing the commission, there are points at which a design architect’s concepts are so expensive that a seasoned developer would question the value added of such an undertaking,” said Davidson.

The article also mentions SLCE’s role as Executive Architect on 220 Central Park, 52-03 Center Boulevard in Long Island City, 520 Park Avenue, 53 West 53rd Street, 100 East 53rd Street and Brooklyn Point.

SLCE were also ranked  by borough:
#1 Manhattan (10.90m sqft, 44 projects)
#1 Queens (5.22m sqft, 13 projects)
#3 Brooklyn (3.09m sqft, 19 projects)

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