The Centrale

138 East 50th Street, New York
Executive Architect
Residential Condominium
Completed 2019
253,000 sq. ft., 63 stories, 803 ft. tall, 124 units

The Centrale, a collaboration with Pelli Clarke Pelli, design architect, stands 63 stories tall in Midtown East. The building’s façade is composed of a mix of reflective glass and thin vertical strips of terracotta panels that stretch up and down the skyscraper. These panels are asymmetrically indented, angled, and colored with a light beige finish, and a dark strip on one edge. The color orientation and angle are mirrored on every setback repeating all the way up the tower to the pinnacle.

Amenities at the Centrale include a porte-cochère, private gardens, a pool, and private lounges.

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