1450 Plimpton Avenue, Bronx, New York
Design & Technical Delivery
Public / Institutional, Senior Living
Under Construction
78,400 sq. ft., 7 Stories, 62 Units

ArtsBridge is a newly constructed masonry building for seniors built and funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development under the HUD202 program. This seven-story, 78,400-square-foot building houses 62 affordable senior apartments along with a 21,400-square-foot community facility space located on the first floor, basement, and part of the second floor. The space will house nonprofit organizations who embrace a holistic approach to building communities and empowering residents—a philosophy adopted by the project’s developer, Highbridge Community Development Corporation. An additional amenity of a large community room, library, and computer facilities occupy the building’s seventh floor.

The apartments are expressed as a strong masonry element on the street corner, with punched windows in the dark brick façade. The lower two stories are cut back at the corner to expose the curtain wall, with Y-shaped columns supporting the upper floors.


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