SLCE Architects is a multidisciplinary architectural practice, providing a full range of design and technical services with specialist expertise in:

SLCE Architects is celebrating more than 75 years as one of New York’s most prolific and enduring architectural firms, one with a prominent role in reshaping the NYC skyline. Our portfolio consists of more than 3,500 projects worldwide and millions of square feet. Our highly respected architects work closely with both developers and not-for-profit organizations who rely on our quality and consistency in completing architectural work. In New York alone we have directly participated in more development than any other architectural firm, and our projects have helped reshape every borough since our founding in 1941.

Our portfolio at SLCE is wide-ranging and addresses a broad variety of aesthetic, social, and economic needs. Projects include luxury condominiums, low-rise buildings, tall towers, buildings with traditional approaches and those pushing the boundaries of modernism, hospitals, hotels, religious institutions, schools, single-room occupancy (SRO) housing for the formerly homeless, affordable housing, senior housing, and renovation and rehabilitation projects.

At SLCE we focus on the art of design, the craft of building, and negotiating the challenges unique to a project.

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