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New York Firms Envision Ways for the City to Absorb 9 Million Residents

Source: Crains New York

As New York City’s population surges toward nine million people, SLCE and other leading architects, designers, and real estate experts were asked to offer a vision for its future.

SLCE’s “big idea” consisted of adding multi-use buildings to underused school yards, since many of the city’s public schools are low-rise buildings adjacent to big open spaces. These unused areas and air rights could be sold and leased to housing developers, with building heights restricted according to zoning laws.

“If you go into districts in Queens and Staten Island with private houses, saying you’re going to build a 40-story building, it’s never going to happen,” says Saky Yakas, SLCE Partner.

“You have to consider the neighborhood and its scale. These would be mid-rise buildings rather than high-rise buildings.  This could be a win-win situation if you can get the bureaucrats to sit down and figure out some way to implement it.”

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